Saturday, April 16, 2011


I seriously love these. They are lightly sweet and quite tasty. And did you know just how good ginger is for you? You didn't? Well, let me help!

Benefits of ginger:
*ginger improves digestion
*ginger is a natural pain reliever
*ginger helps nausea. There are some women who swear it gets rid of morning sickness!
*ginger helps inflammation
*ginger eases heartburn
*ginger helps cold and flu for both prevention and treatment (think ginger ale).
*ginger helps ease menstrual cramps
*ginger helps kidney functions
*ginger helps improve circulation
*ginger helps arthritis (through reducing pain and inflammation already mentioned)
*ginger lowers cholesterol
*ginger has been said to help ovarian and colon cancer
*ginger is antibacterial and antifungal in nature so it is good for many things.

All in all, ginger chews aren't the best way to take ginger. A better idea is fresh ginger root used in cooking and baking, but if you are easing into it and want a tasty treat, ginger chews sure are great! (Oh, and you can find them at Big Hollow for only $2.25 a bag).

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