Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Back

...well, kinda. I'm back on my blog after a week+ hiatus because we have been visiting family. But I'm not back home yet.

Being a visitor in someone else's home is a struggle when trying to stick to a more natural/organic/local diet. However, here are a few tips for you to try on your next trip.

1) Relax. You're not going to be in charge (for the most part) of what, where or when you eat. So, choose not to stress over it. It's okay if you eat out more than you do at home. Being healthy really is about making the right choices 80-90% of the time. Not 100%.

2) Pack what you can to bring with you. Troy and I had some fresh produce from our garden that we knew we would go bad anyway while we were gone, so we took it with us. It makes for much better snacks on the long drive as well as healthier options once you get there. I even brought my kefir with me (much to my mother-in-law's dismay).

3) If in season, try out the local flavor. There are actually more options for locally grown produce right now in Utah then there are in Wyoming which means that I have visited the road-side stands with cash in hand. Yum. And I am lucky enough to have parents that also garden, so when we leave tomorrow I will be bringing back organic pears, grapes, squash, tomatoes and peppers and I'll grab a couple of boxes of peaches, apples and a flat or two of berries from the local farmers.

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