Thursday, September 23, 2010


I don't know what it is about sprouts that makes me smile. Maybe it's that they look like mini-weeds, or that they're so easy to grow, or perhaps it's just that they are so stinkin' good for you and taste great at the same time. I don't know.

Lately I have been really diggin' this sandwich:
So, in the two+ years I have been growing sprouts, I think I have finally come up with the best way to grow them. We tried in a sprouting bag, a mason jar and now this:

The secret is (lean in and I'll whisper): the largest organic spring mix container from Safeway.

First, soak your sprouts over night. The instructions on my package says the seeds just need twice the amount of water as sprouts, but I don't measure it, I just dump the water on in.

The next morning, get empty salad container, and poke holes in the bottom. You don't want the holes big enough for the sprouts to fall through. I used a carving fork to make the holes, but you could use a push pin.

 After that, line the bottom with a durable paper towel (you will be leaving this in the bottom the entire time).

Next, pour sprouts into the container (over the sink :) and rinse with water.

Leave the container in the sink until most water has dripped out.

Lightly cover container with lid and drape dark towel over container.
These babies are growin'
Rinse daily (instructions say twice daily, but I found once was enough).

Last step, and most important one, leave sprouts in lighted (not direct sunlight) area for 4-6 hours or until green. The sprouts reach their full nutritional level after this process. Be sure to allow time for them to turn green.

Oh, and then enjoy!

Here is a great resource.

And just check out this chart!

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