Friday, September 3, 2010

My Story

Eating organic kind of crept up on me. I mean, I had previously heard things saying that it's better for you, but I thought, "Maybe, but it's also way more expensive." It wasn't until I found a new friend who eats organically that I began asking questions and really figuring out why it's the better way.

And the clincher for me? I want to have a baby.

I am convinced that my overall health plays a huge role in eventually having the ability to bear a child (or two or three:) I was already beginning to make changes in my diet looking for an answer to my multiple miscarriages. I had tried going off dairy and gone completely gluten-free for a time. And, I had been praying and fasting for answers and guidance as to what to do next. I don't say that to try to convince anyone that this is the only way. I say it only to state that I know for me, going as natural as possible is the right thing to do.

Now that I know it is most likely because of MTHFR A1298C, and the fact that my body doesn't metabolize folic acid the way it should, it made me start to wonder if I could just go to the source for other nutritional discrepancies as well: FOOD.

While I still eat randomly and pig-out somewhat, at least most all of my food choices are fresh and NOT boxed, pre-made, full of preservatives and names I can't pronounce. And I feel a difference. I feel healthier and happier. I'm not skinnier, but I have more energy and even my skin in clearer than it has been in a while. For me, the benefits certainly out-weigh the cost.

My goal for this blog is not to coerce or persuade people into believing or acting a certain way. My intention is to state what I do, why I do it and add a few other voices into the mix. Then, perhaps you will go out, do some more research and decide for yourself. This blog isn't a soap box and I am no politician preaching my agenda. I'm just another blogger with her opinion. Feel free to disagree. But please leave comments :)

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