Monday, August 23, 2010

A Stye in My Eye

Have you ever gotten a stye? They can be really painful. I used to get them as a child quite a bit.

What is a stye? Simply put, it is an infection in the eyelash follicle of the eye.

I started feeling one coming on last evening and went right home and took care of it, when it occurred to me that most people might not know a natural way of getting rid of styes.
Don't be judgin' my up-close and personal shot.

That said, here is the natural remedy:

First, find a gold* piece of jewelry, preferably a ring.
Next, wash it thoroughly. I wash with natural soap because I don't want anything inside my eye with harsh chemicals.
Third, dry it off using a towel that won't shed any loose fibers.
Now comes the tricky part: Using your fingers, open your infected eyelid. With the other hand, gently rub the gold ring on the inside of the infected lid, right at the stye. It will actually feel cool and soothing.


Repeat as often as necessary until the stye is gone. You should see results right away, with the stye gone in the next day or so.

*I tried white gold and it didn't work.
**While you have a stye, it is recommended that you don't use makeup, or share facial towels. Styes are contagious.