Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Books I Can Recommend

I love to read. That said, I ashamedly only read novels. Oh, occasionally I'll read something non-fiction, but it's rare. That is, until I found two FABULOUS books: Born to Run and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

I tore through Born to Run in a day and half, which wasn't difficult actually considering it's still summer (prime reading in the hammock time) and the book is so well written that it reads like a novel. Seriously. You. Need. To. Read. It. Whether you are a runner or not, whether you exercise or not, whether you like to read or not. It is a book that is entertaining, inspirational, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Read it! You'll love it!

I only started Animal, Vegetable and Mineral today, but already it is a promising book. I don't like propaganda or political agendas---from either party. And I get the sense that there might be some of that in this book. However I am reading it because of the drive it gives to get back to a natural way of doing things: growing your own food etc...and I am all about that. I will give a more detailed opinion after I finish it. But I am sure everyone could benefit from reading it!

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