Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, I'm Addicted

I have been running off and on since I bought my Vibrams a few weeks ago. But Monday I got serious and decided it was time to begin training for a half-marathon October 23. I'm still a little unsure if I will be ready or not (after only two days of training) but I have to give it a shot.

Monday I ran 3 miles wearing my Five Fingers and then took them off, walked and ran off and on for 2+ more miles. My right knee hurt afterward, but I think my form is just off a bit.

Tuesday I went to the gym and just used the machines. Boring.

Wednesday (today) I ran again. But this time I started off barefoot. I managed 2 miles before I thought it best to put the shoes back on. I can't afford an injury or nasty blisters if I am training. And I have also discovered that I can't afford to bring my dog with me running. My time running with Vibrams and barefoot is already A LOT slower than when I ran with my asics, so I can't afford to slow down any extra, let alone turn around to find the dumb, wandering dog. This was the first run I have done since calibrating my nike+ and it will be interesting to see how correct it is once I run without any distractions. But for now, my time tonight was a little discouraging. That said, my goal is just to finish the half-marathon. I don't need to have a record time or anything. I can do that!

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  1. Wait a minute, to which toe do you connect the Nike Plus sensor? -Ryan